Our Environmental Strategy


We will assist our clients in their fleet’s decarbonisation journey and set ambitious internal goals to accelerate shipping’s decarbonisation by going beyond compliance with IMO’s goals.


  • Emissions & Energy.
  • Waste.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.
  • SDG 14 Life Below Water.

Strategic Goals

  • All vessels with rating E for 2022 to achieve rating D in 2023
  • All vessels with rating D for 2022 to achieve rating C in 2023
  • All vessels with ratings A, B, or C to remain in compliance with IMO decarbonisation goals
  • Provide a single source dashboard in our smartPAL tool to cover the entire process of EU Emission Trading System handling.
  • All full-managed vessels to be using electronic record books and electronic logbooks to ensure high quality of data and reduce paper use by 2024
  • Eliminate single-use plastic onboard our managed vessels by 2025
  • All offices to be ISO 50001: 2018 certified energy management system, have an effective waste management policy, and maximise the use of renewable energy.

Our Environmental Performance

As ship managers, our commitment to protect our planet begins with the seas and stretches to our shores. Looking into our annual performance, we build our strategy to further improve our operations.




Decarbonisation Strategy at BSM

In 2022, 47% of our fleet achieved the BSM's decarbonisation targets, while the remaining complied with the minimum CII requirements. Our ambition as ship managers is to provide our customers with innovative, data-driven solutions from experts with applied knowledge and help them accelerate their transition to cleaner operations.

As of January 2024, the maritime sector will be included in EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). A cap is set on the total CO2 a shipping entity covered by the ETS can emit. All vessels trading between, to, or from ports in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) must compensate for their emissions by acquiring and submitting their CO2 allowances.

Sebastian von Hardenberg, BSM's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), on EU ETS.

We invest in developing specialist teams and IT tools required to ensure a smooth EU ETS process and certificate administration for owners and their charterers. As ship managers, we will offer transparent live data-driven applications showing a vessel's consumption concerning geolocation and time as well as the resulting EU ETS exposure.

Sebastian von Hardenberg

BSM's Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Leveraging the Power of Digital Tools

BSM is proactively supporting its clients, crew, and fleet teams in making data-driven decisions to comply or even go beyond international regulations in line with our BSM Decarbonisation Strategy. Our dedicated Fleet Performance Centre (FPC) and Fleet Monitoring Centre (FMC) help our clients navigate the complexity of these requirements by offering a holistic approach to energy efficiency improvements.

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Alternative Energy Sources

Carbon neutrality in shipping can only be achieved by combining energy efficiency interventions with alternative fuels. To support the transition to alternative fuels, we built our expertise on ships powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). LNG is a mid-term solution as it emits 20-30% lower carbon dioxide than traditional fuels. Pronav and all SMCs collaborate with the Schulte Group’s LNG Competence Centre (LCC) to promote new LNG projects and build long-term business relations and partnerships.

Together with our clients, we look for opportunities to pilot cleaner energy solutions on our full-managed vessels. For example, BSM and the Norwegian ammonia specialist Amon Maritime has created a 50/50 joint venture to offer ship management services for the Norwegian market, specialising in ammonia-powered vessels but open to all ships. It is BSM's first step in growing ammonia expertise, and we look forward to increasing our ammonia-fueled fleet soon.

Navigating towards a sustainable future will certainly be challenging, and we are committed to support our clients in this journey.

CSR Activities - Schulte Group Forest

Our people have been organising and volunteering in tree planting activities worldwide for several years. Their caring spirit was the inspiration that led us to create the Schulte Group Forest initiative. This initiative is dedicated to protecting and restoring forests, improving the health of ecosystems, and educating farmers on sustainable agriculture globally.

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CSR Activities - BlueSeasMatter

With more than 20,000 BSM seafarers sailing in the oceans, we see firsthand the damage caused by waste pollution.

BSM is tackling ocean pollution and promotes SDG 14 – Life Below Water, through our dedicated initiative BlueSeasMatter. We create awareness of shipping’s impact on marine life and ecosystems and engage our people in fighting marine pollution through this initiative.

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