Our Environmental Data

As ship managers, our commitment to protect our planet begins with the seas and stretches to our shores. Looking into our annual performance, we build our strategy to further improve our operations.

Accelerating Change

Developing a decarbonised and circular economy requires breakthrough solutions. Internally, we are introducing initiatives to accelerate the change in our offices and vessels such as water filtration onboard to tackle single-use plastic, effective waste segregation in the offices to achieve zero waste to landfills and using renewable energy, just to list a few.

BSM’s Fleet Performance Centre (FPC) is dedicated to monitoring and analysing the overall performance of our managed fleet. This digital platform allows us to accurately measure each vessel’s energy consumption and emissions to go beyond compliance with regulation by setting ambitious reduction goals. The FPC team works collaboratively with the fleet teams across all our ship management centres to deliver data-driven solutions and optimise our vessels’ performance.

In addition, to support our clients in their decarbonisation journey, we provide them with digital tools that deliver near real-time information around the clock from any location. Our LiveFleet application shares historical and predictive performance overview including engine power, vessel speed and fuel consumption. It offers the opportunity to act proactively and achieve economically and environmentally optimal maintenance of a vessel.

We acknowledge that our impact is greater when sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences with our partners and broader network. To successfully transition to resilient, carbon free and circular systems, we always strive to support clean-tech entrepreneurs, participate in zero emissions shipping pilots and demonstration projects, and invest in R&D efforts within the maritime industry.


Ocean transportation is far-reaching and provides a better quality of life through the sharing of resources. As a ship manager, we consider the oceans our home. It is our duty to protect and preserve the seas due to our direct impact on their health.

Our dedicated initiative BlueSeasMatter creates awareness of humankind’s impact on marine life and ecosystems and engages our people in fighting pollution. We engage the Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement community and network to build a more sustainable, plastic-free future by working towards community organisation, biocultural diversity, and sustainable development within the maritime industry.


In 2020, we collaborated with Eyesea, a non-for-profit organisation with the mission to map marine pollution and hazards and provide evidence of hotspots for effective prevention and clean-up response. BSM provided five vessels for the trial phase of the Eyesea’s newly established geo-tagging application.

The vessels have already shared photos of pollution incidents at sea which will support the development of an artificial intelligence recognition software. The software will enhance the Eyesea application in the future.

Our vessel’s photographic contribution were the very first “at sea” images to be submitted from the participating companies. With our large fleet and many shore employees based near the sea, BSM can make a considerable contribution to the succees of this worthwhile venture.

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Schulte Group Forest

Shifting temperature, wind, and rainfall patterns are causing increasingly severe weather conditions, impacting shipping and the world. One simple and natural way to slow down climate change is to plant trees sustainably to purify our air, store carbon and clean our water.

Over the past five years, BSM employees have shown a great passion for tree planting activities. To expand their efforts and upscale our impact as a community, we established the Schulte Group Forest initiative.

Schulte Group Forest is continuously growing around the globe. We have close collaboration with Treedom - the first web platform in the world for planting trees remotely and following their story online. You can take a look at our forest in Guatemala here.

Every year, we expand our efforts by supporting meaningful projects. In 2021, our colleagues in Cyprus organised a tree planting activity in a wildfire-affected area with the National Forestry Department. Our volunteers put their gardening gloves on and supported the plantation of 500 Cypriot treasure trees and shrubs!

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