Published on 09 Dec 2021

Partnership with Treedom – Memory refresher!

Treedom is the first web platform in the world for planting trees remotely and following their story online. In 2020, Schulte Group joined an agroforestry project in Guatemala coordinated by Treedom, AMKA (Non-Profit Organisation), local developers and farmers with the goal to plant 1,200 trees.

Our impact in GUATEMALA!

As of now, 92.5% of our trees have been planted and fully geotagged. Our Schulte Group Forest has a variety of species such as lime, mandarin, graviola, and cocoa trees. The Guatemala agroforestry project has supported a total of 14 communities in Peten and Petatan districts. A significant number of 287 farmers participated in trainings such as agroforestry techniques, food security, preparation of soil for tree planting, and many more. We are amazed and excited by the fact that 74% of the participants were female farmers.

Expanding our Forest!

As our forest is expanding in Guatemala, we continue looking for meaningful projects in other locations worldwide. In July 2021, one of the most destructive fires in the history of Cyprus occurred with 40 km2 of forest area being burned. Our colleagues in Cyprus together with the National Forestry Department have organised a tree planting activity in the wildfire-affected area at Eptagoneia.

Our volunteers put their gardening gloves on and supported the plantation of 500 Cypriot treasure trees and shrubs! This was the most valuable support we could offer to the community of Eptagoneia and to the Cyprus’ environmental efforts to rehabilitate and flourish the island.

We always strive to build awareness among our people on the environmental challenges and help them act as agents of change to the current ecological situation. We hope this initiative becomes the motivator for every single one of us to rebuild the natural habitats and ecosystems of our surroundings to ensure the conservation of our planet.

As a final point, we would like once more to wholeheartedly thank our green-thumb volunteers who joined us to celebrate another very successful season in planting hundreds of new trees and seeds.