A cruise vessel is a ship specially designed to accommodate passengers in comfortable manner on journey to experience various destinations on the way.

Cruise Vessel Unique Characteristics

The safety of the guests and crew is always the top priority onboard a cruise vessel and requires dedication by crew and shoreside management. Cruise specific ISM manuals, frequent emergency response trainings as well as proper safety equipment maintenance are important to achieve this goal.

As part of the guest experience, cruise vessels often visit unique places far from common shipping routes which requires diligent planning and operating knowledge.

The cruise industry is driven by innovation in technology and with a strong focus on environmental friendliness, which demands highly qualified staff to cope with the frequent developments.

Cruise Ships

Cruising has become a major part of the tourism industry, with an estimated market of $23.8 billion per year, and over 13.9 million passengers carried worldwide according to Cruise Market Watch’s projections for 2021.

Cruise ships are large capital investments with high operating costs, and a complete hospitality staff in addition to the usual ship's crew. Crew are usually hired on three-to-eleven-month contracts which may then be renewed as mutually agreed, depending on service ratings from passengers as well as the cyclical nature of the cruise line operator.

Our Expertise in Cruise Ship Management

BSM is your cruise ship manager of choice thanks to its extensive track record in this space. We are dedicated to maximising passenger safety, comfort and operational reliability through a pool of personnel with many years of experience in the cruise business, including technical and marine superintendents, crew managers and senior management members. In addition, BSM offers technical management, crew management, software solutions, superyacht crew recruitment, newbuilding supervision as well as fleet maintenance and repair.


53.8% 46.2%
No Vessel Type Vessel Sub Type Passengers Year Built
1 Passenger Ship Expedition 200 2020
2 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 1400 1990
3 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 570 1991
4 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 835 1988
5 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 1200 1984
6 Passenger Ship Expedition 528 2019
7 Passenger Ship Expedition 528 2020
8 Passenger Ship Expedition 526 2002
9 Passenger Ship Expedition 500 2003
10 Passenger Ship Expedition 250 2006
11 Passenger Ship Expedition 243 2009
12 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 1700 1999
13 Passenger Ship Cruise Ship 1186 1996