About Us

Pronav was founded in 1995 in Hamburg, Germany and is a highly specialized third-party ship and crew manager operating large LNG carriers for ship owners.

In 2018, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) acquired 100 percent of Pronav’s shares and Pronav became a member of the Schulte Group and BSM.

Pronav is highly recognized by energy majors, LNG charterers and LNG terminals around the world for its operational safety, quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Pronav has substantial experience & expertise in the technical management of different types of LNG Carriers such as the latest generation of dual-fuel engines (MEGI & X-DF) , slow-speed diesel with 100% relic plant (Q-Flex) and conventional steam vessels (both with Moss-type and membrane tanks).

The LNG vessels managed by Pronav have successfully performed about 4.500 LNG cargo operations with shore-based terminals or floating units (FSRUs and FSUs) since 1998. The company’s TMSA cumulative performance level is above 3.5.

Pronav also provides experienced, highly qualified LNG crew complements in addition to its specialised technical LNG ship management services. The retention rate for Senior Officers and Gas Engineers is above 95%. Pronav’s complements comply with industry requirements regarding crew experiences (SIGTTO Crew Matrix & other matrices).

Quality & Certification

Pronav works under its dedicated Quality & Safety Management Systems that are tailor made for the operation of LNG Carriers and is certified in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001
  • Green Award

Pronav’s Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA) Cumulative Performance is above 3.

Pronav is audited and vetted to a standard that provides for long-term time charter employment with first-class Oil and Gas Majors.

  • LNG Ship Management for all LNG Carrier types (Technical & Commercial)
  • LNG Crew Management
  • FSRU, FSU and FLNG Operations & Management
  • Consultancy Services for LNG production, handling and sea transportation
  • LNG Ship-Shore-Compatibility studies
Pronav Ship Management GmbH & Co.

Pronav Ship Management GmbH & Co. Vorsetzen 54 20459 Hamburg Germany

Contact Person

Martin Roolvink

Managing Director