Our Diversity Goals

  • 40% of women in leadership positions by 2024.
  • 10% reduction in gender pay gap by 2024.
  • 15% of employees under 35 in managerial roles by 2024.
  • 100% of employees informed about our DEI agenda by 2024.
  • 100% of employees in managerial and recruitment roles trained on DEI by 2024.
  • Establish inclusive practices onboard our managed vessels.
  • Review and enhance manuals to address matters impacting women at sea.

Key Figures


Women in leadership in 2023


Nationalities at sea


Nationalities on shore


Women onboard our vessels in 2022, 150% increase compared to 2020


Of our people are aware about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Agenda


The maritime industry has talked about the need to improve on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for years now, but collective progress has been slow. At BSM, we seek opportunities to join forces with other industry leaders to accelerate and amplify our efforts, exchange knowledge and best practices, and enhance our reach and influence.

Since 2021, BSM has been an active member of the Diversity Study Group (DSG), the first organisation dedicated to promoting DEI in the workplace and conducting the only global data-gathering exercise focused on DEI in the maritime industry. As a DSG member, we provide valuable data to help build a reliable industry benchmark and track our performance progress.

In 2020, our CEO Ian Beveridge and other industry executives supported the foundation of the All Aboard Alliance. The Alliance aims to unite senior leaders across the maritime industry to collaboratively accelerate DEI efforts at sea and shore. Together with 35 industry peers, we keep ourselves accountable by setting a more ambitious agenda and addressing long-term challenges.


Employees for Inclusion

Inclusion is not a direct outcome of diversity. We aim to foster inclusion by being an organisation where people are treated fairly and respectfully and feel involved, accepted, and valued regardless of their unique characteristics.

Our employees have the power to advocate and support people in less privileged positions. We provide them the opportunity to form groups with common interests, join their forces and - driven by their passion for change – foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

EfI are voluntary groups of employees focusing on a specific diversity dimension. They are open to all employees, and they aim to provide cultural expertise to the company and its workforce. EfI groups organise activities to create awareness, build cultural competencies, promote external relationships with local communities, and support relevant projects across the company.

Read more in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy.

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