Our Social Strategy


We are committed to protect life at sea and ashore, ensure diverse and inclusive workplaces and provide life-long learning opportunities to our employees and local communities.

2023 Strategic Goals

Develop individual learning pathways based on roles and learning styles. Train all HR staff and manager in anti-bias techniques 5% increase of women in Management 10% increase of colleagues below 45 in Management. 10% decrease in Gender Pay Gap.


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Learning & Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Employment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 4 Quality Education
  • SDG 5 Gender Equality
  • SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic
  • Growth

CSR Activities - Education for Youth

To build a sustainable and inclusive future for all, companies around the globe are now more than ever looking outside their own sphere of operations. Driven by our passion for equal education, we strongly engage with youth in underprivileged local communities through our outreach programme Education For Youth.

Its core objective is to inform parents on the importance of education and provide primary and secondary children with the tools they need to receive their learning safely and happily

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