Diversity Matters

BSM is a company with diverse teams that value equity, respect, and honesty. For years we have worked with our employees to create an environment of collaboration and understanding, irrespective of ethnicity, social class, age, sexuality, disability, or gender. Tracking our performance throughout the years is key to learning from our story and setting ambitious goals for the future.

Employees for Inclusion

Inclusion is not a direct outcome of diversity. We aim to foster inclusion by being an organisation where people are treated fairly and respectfully and feel involved, accepted, and valued regardless of their unique characteristics.

Our employees have the power to advocate and support people in less privileged positions. We provide them the opportunity to form groups with common interests, join their forces and - driven by their passion for change – foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

EfI are voluntary groups of employees focusing on a specific diversity dimension. They are open to all employees, and they aim to provide cultural expertise to the company and its workforce. EfI groups organise activities to create awareness, build cultural competencies, promote external relationships with local communities, and support relevant projects across the company.

Shore Employees Ethnic Diversity

Seafarers Ethnic Diversity

Shore Employees Gender Ratio


Gender Diversity at Sea


Age Diversity at Shore


Age Diversity at Sea


Training Your Way to Success

Our Schulte Orbit is a framework for all shore learning programmes. Our suite of customised educational programmes and initiatives are built to develop our employees’ soft skills, technical competencies and knowledge about the organisation’s business lines and structure.


  • Online courses through iLearn
    iLearn is our internally developed training platform offering a variety of courses such as BSM Induction Series, Ethical Operations, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, BSM Compliance, Cyber Security.

  • High Potential (HiPo) programme
    HiPo began in 2016 and is now running its second cycle. It invites high-potential employees to participate in a two-year development journey on people and business skills. We are very proud for the increased interest and representation of our female employees in the programme. Starting in 2016 with zero female participants, we reached a 45% female representation in 2020. Specifically, this year eleven HiPos participated out of which five females and six males. Their journey started in September 2020, and will be completed in October 2021.

  • Management Development Track (MDT) programme
    MDT enhances leadership skill sets and it will run from January 2019 to March 2021. One hundred and eighty people participated, 40 females and 140 males. Out of the total participants, one hundred fifty were managers and directors.

  • Superintendent Development Programme (SDP)
    SDP provides superintendents with the right tools and knowledge to evolve and improve their interpersonal and emotional skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, social skills, self-regulation, and motivation. It began in September 2020 and will end in June 2021. One hundred ninety-seven Superintendents from over 12 countries participate, six females and 191 males.

  • Education Assistance
    Every year, we are offering financial assistance to our staff wishing to acquire accredited academic and professional qualifications. For example, in 2020 we sponsored seven Superintendents to participate in the Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management offered by World Maritime University (WMU) and DNV’s Maritime Academy. The programme is designed to train maritime managers on how to master complex problems and remain competitive.

  • Seafarers Coming Ashore programme
    Seafarers Coming Ashore programme fast-tracks seafarers' shore based career progression. In 2020, due to COVID-19 challenges, we had only eight participants and all of them were males.

Education for Youth

To build a sustainable and inclusive future for all, companies around the globe are now more than ever looking outside their own sphere of operations. Driven by our passion for equal education, we strongly engage with youth in underprivileged local communities through our outreach programme Education For Youth.

Its core objective is to inform parents on the importance of education and provide primary and secondary children with the tools they need to receive their learning safely and happily

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