Our Goals

  • Create awareness about mental health through dedicated campaigns.
  • Introduce 360 superintendents’ appraisal by high ranked seafarers.
  • Integration of tools to ensure fast and effective communication between sea and shore.
  • Re-evaluation of shore support staff per ship ratio.

Our Safety Culture

Incidents at sea and on shore can have serious consequences for clients, crew, and the environment.

BSM’s safety culture is driven by understanding human factors and providing concise and visual manuals for quick and precise action. We subscribe to behavioural based safety through targeted training and positive reinforcement of safe behaviour. In addition, we provide our people with easy access to information and reporting opportunities via mobile applications and tablets onboard vessels.

We have a company culture, systems, and policies in place to address key ship management issues – occupational health and safety, cybersecurity, sanctions compliance, environmental protection, and ethical operations. This ensures our clients' assets, operations and interests are protected at sea and ashore.

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Mental Health Strategy

Our strategy for mental health support includes partnering with two mental health solution providers specialised in maritime. Both sea and shore employees gained access to a free helpline that is confidential, multilingual, and available 24/7 365.

We established monthly webinars with psychologists designed to educate our shore employees on identifying and navigating mental health illnesses in the workplace. Also, BSM Masters received virtual learning to identify signs of mental health disorders on board and effectively support their crew.

Our newly establish Mental Health Policy guides our executive management, employees at sea and ashore, and partners on our objectives and procedures for achieving and maintaining a support system for people with any degree of mental illness.

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