Our Goals

  • Tailor made learning journeys and career paths for all roles.
  • Develop new training content targeting current workplace challenges.
  • Measure the effectiveness of training onboard by developing assessment frameworks in Competence Management System.
  • Organise innovation camps for secondary students.

Training Programmes

  • All year-round internship

This programme is for undergraduate students and has a short-term to mid-term commitment (at least 3 months). Students will join one of our departments and work together with our colleagues to gain practical and hands-on experience from industry experts.

  • Summer Training

This programme is more flexible (2 months commitment) as undergraduate students can get some experience and build their network in between classes during your summer breaks.

  • Online courses through iLearn

iLearn is our internally developed training platform offering a variety of courses such as BSM Induction Series, Ethical Operations, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, BSM Compliance, Cyber Security.

  • High Potential (HiPo) Programme

HiPo invites high-potential employees to participate in a two-year development journey on people and business skills. The programme promotes entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving.

Participants have the opportunity to validate and de-risk new business ideas with continuous coaching and mentoring by BSM experts.

  • Management Development Track (MDT) Programme

MDT invites our management teams to participate in a two-year programme to enhance their leadership skill sets. It consists of several workshops and online courses on effective communication styles, goal setting, coaching people and more.

  • Superintendent Development Programme (SDP)

SDP provides superintendents with the right tools and knowledge to evolve and improve their interpersonal and emotional skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, social skills, self-regulation, and motivation.

  • Education Assistance

Every year, we are offering financial assistance to our staff wishing to acquire accredited academic and professional qualifications.

  • Seafarers Coming Ashore Programme

Seafarers Coming Ashore programme fast-tracks seafarers' shore-based career progression.