Published on 24 Jan 2023

The All Aboard Alliance aims to bring together senior leaders across the maritime industry to collaboratively accelerate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at sea and shore. It sets out to prepare the sector to deal with long-term challenges such as:

  • the global talent shortage affecting talent retention and attraction,
  • the need for increased innovation to deal with decarbonisation, digitalisation, and automation, and
  • the strong expectations from several stakeholders towards improving DEI.

Through our membership, we wish to connect with and learn from other organisations committed to the same values. Sharing valuable resources, support, best practices, will bridge opportunities for collaboration and collective impact.

By becoming a member, BSM is committed to the following:

  • Actively sponsor DEI initiatives with our senior leaders being highly involved.
  • Equip and educate our people to understand how they can foster DEI across the company.
  • Evaluate our progress and evolve our DEI strategic objectives.
  • Communicate our progress externally on an annual basis.

More information about the All Aboard Alliance can be found here.