BSM’s Fleet Performance Centre (FPC) is our dedicated department to optimise your vessel performance and drive decarbonisation. The FPC improves voyage efficiency, environmental sustainability and compliance while cutting OPEX, manual reporting and performance claims. Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of former mariners, naval architects, mechanical and electrical engineers and data analysts. Together, we work with you to achieve your business goals and comply with regulations while protecting the environment.

Our carbon compliance services include:

  • Fleet performance monitoring and management
  • Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) management
  • End-to-end data correction and submission for regulatory compliance for IMO DCS, EU & UK MRV
  • Digitalisation and automation support
  • EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) management

We reduce your carbon footprint

Our team of experts uses smart technologies to continuously track and analyse carbon emissions. We identify patterns, trends and inefficiencies to develop data-driven decarbonisation strategies and take corrective actions to reduce your emissions.

We optimise your OPEX

Supported by bespoke analytical tools and dashboards, we offer the best decision-making options for your fleet to achieve not only your sustainability but also your business goals.

We promote digitalisation and automation

We work with smart technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of energy management, emission monitoring and data analysis. Automation enables real-time tracking of energy consumption and emissions. Digitalisation facilitates data-driven decision-making, identifying patterns and trends for informed decarbonisation strategies.

We help comply with EU ETS, CII and EEXI regulations

From 2024, the maritime sector will be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). BSM is developing solutions to help clients navigate the complexities of the upcoming requirements and ensure a smooth transition into EU ETS. We take care of the administration, accounting and reporting of EU ETS data on your behalf, providing services such as EU ETS monitoring, end-to-end data correction and submission, regular emission verification, liaison with EU authorities and EU register administration.

We help ship owners achieve Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) compliance through holistic vessel performance monitoring, combined with advanced analytics and software. We develop and help implement CII improvement strategies, including voyage optimisation, optimum speed recommendation, energy-saving devices (ESDs) and energy-efficient technologies (EETs). BSM firmly believes maximal fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions will provide a competitive advantage for our clients, especially in the charter market. Therefore, we decided to go beyond CII regulations and set our own goals for CII performance.

BSM has developed an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) calculator to compute the required and attained EEXI values, allowing us to classify the fleet into compliant and non-compliant vessels. Through our fleet-wide digital twin database, BSM guides clients with non-compliant vessels with solutions to address compliance gaps.

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