Published on 04 Feb 2020

The past year was the fourth consecutive time BSM organised a Photo Competition. Both sea and shore-based employees, from around the globe, shared over 580 stunning photos that capture the true spirit of the organisation.

All Schulte Group employees were invited to act as judges with the total points collected, determining the four winners. Out of the 22 finalists, four winners have been chosen.

Here are our 2019 winners:

1st place winner
‘Dreamy morning in the Pacific Ocean’ by Ashwin S. Shetty, CSC Mumbai

Photo competition image-1.png

2nd place winner
‘Through the lens’ by Smokov Georgii, CSC Ukraine

Photo competition image-2.png

3rd place winner
‘The race’ by Vipul Jamdade, CSC Mumbai

Photo competition .png

4th place winner
‘Rain inside of double rainbow’ by Dziahtsiarou Raman, CSC St. Petersburg

Photo competition image-4.png