Published on 31 Jan 2022

Today, the Schulte Group celebrates the International Day of Education (Jan 24), dedicated to people’s fundamental right to learning and development. In recent years, we have witnessed the power of education. It has helped the world adapt to increasing climate change, a pandemic outbreak, and transition towards a digital world.

Similarly, our Schulte Group community has shown great compassion and encouragement towards creating equal access to education for youth across the globe. In 2021, over 200 colleagues celebrated their birthdays by supporting education for youth activities. Further, 665 of you walked with us during our annual Step Challenge to unlock funds dedicated to youth learning and development. This has empowered us to run several activities for children worldwide – check out our community’s impact below.

In honour of the International Day of Education and to celebrate your passion for education, we would like to update you on our progress so far and announce two new partnerships focused on education for youth.