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BSM Crew Service Centre (Romania)

BSM Crew Service Centre Romania was established in 2006 and is based in the city of Constanta.

The manning agency’s pool consists of over 700 seafarers employed on various vessel types, such as offshore/ FPSO, chemical tanker, oil tankers, LPG/LNG tanker, cruise, container, bulk and general cargo.

The recruitment centre employs nationals from Romania, Bulgaria , Georgia and Turkey and provide customised manning solutions based on a selection of skilled and trained seafaring professionals.

At BSM Crew Service Centre Romania, you may find the following services:

  • Selection and recruitment of officers and ratings
  • Planning of crewing and scheduling
  • Maintenance of crew rotation
  • Arrangement of pre-joining medical examinations and vaccinations
  • Validity checks of all required documents and certificates
  • Arrangement of training courses
  • Flag states applications and endorsements
  • Visa and travel arrangements
  • Supply of safety and work equipment

BSM Crew Service Centre (Romania)

249 Mamaia Blvd., 2nd Floor
Constanta 900546

Phone: +40 341 456 210
Fax: +40 341 456 225

Contact Person

Capt. Mihai Cernat

Capt. Mihai Cernat

Crew Service Centre Head (Romania)
BSM Crew Service Centre (Romania)

Capt. Mihai Cernat

Crew Service Centre Head (Romania)

Office Map