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Vision & Mission

​Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement's Vision & Mission is our Company's universal benchmark. Each one of us - from cadet to CEO - is measured by it. This applies on board, in our offices, in shipyards and while working with customers, suppliers and authorities. No matter who, what or where our vision, mission, values and goals are what all employees and shareholders of BSM stand by:

Our Vision

To be a leading maritime solutions provider.

Our Mission

We enable our business partners to achieve their objectives through applied knowledge, experience and innovation.

Our Goals:​

Safety: Our first priority is the safe operation of the vessels we manage, with no injuries, loss of life, damage to property or the environment.

Human resources: To be the employer of choice for highly competent seafarers and shore-based personnel.

Customer satisfaction: To meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Services: To provide high quality, value-added services that fully meet our customers’ needs.

Financial: To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner.

Our Values​:

Independence: Family owned and private, with a financially sound position.​

Fairness: Treating business partners and employees with fairness, keeping commitments, and thereby maintaining the good reputation of the Schulte Group.​

Entrepreneurship: Encouraging initiative and innovation, systematically managing risks, encouraging team work and unbureaucratic business processes.​

Responsibility: Ensuring safety at sea, protecting the environment, and being socially responsible.

Valued Employees: Rewarding good performance and results, taking pride in the Schulte Group's cultural diversity, providing opportunities for continuous learning and development.​