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Webinar: Vessel Optimisation

Webinar: Vessel Optimisation

BSM Involvement: Speaker – BSM Head of Data Governance and Analytics, Frank Paleokrassas

Topic: A holistic approach to cost-effective fleet-wide energy management

Date: 04 March, 2021

Achieving a cost-effective, fleet-wide management programme is a complex interplay between technical, operational, commercial and regulatory factors. This webinar will reveal how operators of different vessel types and scale can balance these considerations and unlock significant fuel and energy savings.

Topics that will be covered, include:

•        Identifying and minimising fuel losses

•        Integrating optimisers: trim, power, manoeuvrability, speed, idling, fouling

•        Selecting the best fuel optimisation systems for your fleet

•        Short sea as well as deep sea applications

For more information, please visit Vessel Optimisation Webinar Week