On the growing path

It’s not with little pride we commemorate the path that our office has sustained during the last years, although complacently acknowledge its being in this way from commencing by the now Capt. Rafael Onetto’s stand alone operations back in 2002, the good seeds planted by him and the very first employees has been well nursed by the subsequent individuals whom efficiently contributed to the sound exponential grow our office have had during the recent times, both in local reputation as well as operations. Although still a minor scale CSC, our office has evolved from a dedicated agency almost exclusively attending crewing needs of an important local owner, to a crew provider to other SDC with enhanced Crewing and FPD tasks, as well as Technical support and prime LPSQ dealings.

Working at Caracas

Our office is located right in the middle of the business quarter of Caracas, capital city of Venezuela, with a population of about 4 million inhabitants, sited in a valley at 900 m above sea level and sheltered from the coastline at the north by a wide-ranging mountain ridge called Avila with heights up to 2.600 m above sea level, thus, combined with our tropical location, it provides the town temperatures ranging 26 to 32º centigrade and sunshine almost year round, certainly not all is gold as the valley establishment limits the city’s expansion, so too much people packs the   

Beside company merging to the worldwide BSM Shipmanagement group, the quality and the great commitment of our staff has been of paramount relevance to keep our good pace toward enhanced range of operations.

In addition, located at Punto Fijo city, at 7 hours car ride from Caracas and more close to our main local owner, we count with a sister office, initially intended to attend our main customer at their own site, but also grew up to deal with technical superintendent support and now headquarter to Capt. Peter Jones as General Manager of the whole operation in Venezuela.

Aiming ahead.

It’s a great experience see cadets become officers and go on their careers up to Captains and Chief Engineers, we are confident the figure will be grater with the times to come and glad to be part of the team which in part pave their way and consolidate the operations of BSM group at our country.

For further information, please contact Mr. Peter Jones:

BSM Crew Service Centre (Venezuela) C.A.
Centro Banaven (Cubo Negro),
Torre “B” Oficina B-61 al lado del CCCT,
Caracas, Edo Miranda,

Tel.: +58 212 959 0959 / 8779 / 2915 / 4947 / 5687
Fax: +58 212 284 2921